The history of the name Justisen starts in 1928, when the Aanonson family took over operations of the café and restaurant after the Sandberg family, who had run the establishment since 1907. Being a neighbour to the courthouse and justice department, it was natural that the restaurant was named Justisen.

The Restaurant

The menu has over the years contained everything from the best halibut and luxury sandwiches to traditional stews, and there has been poured endless amounts of liquids. The service and atmosphere was so good that the establishment had three generations of regulars. In 1984 the government demolished the building in Møllergata 19 in order to accommodate for the new government building. This was to great despair for the regulars.

The Lounges

On the first floor guests can choose their bar according to taste. In the main bar, they have chosen the colonization of the New World as the theme. There will be served drinks from the 1920s, which are still perceived as classics today. These are served in accordance with how they were served in the past. The atmosphere will also take you back to the time when cocktails were the talk of the town. The section that was previously on the ground floor and known as Paragrafen, has now been moved up in the new part of the building.

The Courtyard

In the courtyard, Justisen wants to preserve the summer feeling throughout the entire year. We offer fresh and classic long drinks, with fresh produce - even in the middle of winter! In our backyard you will also find a good selection of beer and wine. Please ask your waiter or bartender for the week's signature cocktail. In the summer season the courtyard also offers guests food service. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays DJs play great music into the late hours of the night.

Justisen event location

Justisen has reopened its doors with a new and exciting concept in Møllergata 15. Here you will find a restaurant, a courtyard, lounges, cocktail bar, kitchen bar and more. Welcome.

We have skilled project managers who offer customized solutions according to your desired needs. Whether you are planning a large or small event, private or corporate. Please contact us for an offer or to have a look at the facilities. On the entire first floor both small and large groups can hire lounges with customized food and beverage menus. Justisen consists of a restaurant, courtyard and several lounges with a total capacity of 890 persons. The venue is ideally suited to all social events, both Christmas parties, summer parties, kick offs, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, concerts and other events with or without dinner.